We are organizing Luxury B2B Wedding and M.I.C.E. Workshop event in Northern Cyprus between the dates of 22 through 26 May, 2019.

Northern Cyprus is a rising market for Weddings and M.I.C.E. organizations for those whom looking for alternative Luxury concept over the Mediterranean region. Keep in mind that Cyprus also does not require entry visas.

We are inviting Wedding Planners and M.I.C.E. Organizers to Northern Cyprus as Full Hosted Buyers and we will introduce Northern Cyprus in FAM Trips to all of them.

You have an excellent opportunity to meet with potential partners during our events and you will enjoy colorful and historical Cyprus City for as long as 5 days, exploring the beach, having parties of unforgettable entertainment that you will return home with a lot of great memories.

If you want to see Turkey, as well, you may join to one of the selected FAM Trips in continuation of these events.

This event is particularly for Wedding Planners and M.I.C.E. organizers. We have 3 different invitation types as for; Fully Hosted Buyers, Half Hosted Buyers and Semi-Hosted Buyer Programs. You can apply for one of them depending on your company profile.

We believe that Northern Cyprus is one of the best alternative trends for expanding your company in the field of Weddings and M.I.C.E. organizations.

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