• HolyLands 2020


We organize B2B WorkShop event and the Fam Trips to Turkey’s Hold Lands.

Turkey is one of the main destinations of holy lands including Islamic, Christian and Jewish Communities.

Turkey is a country with thousands of years religious heritage, hundreds of thousands mosques, churches and synagogues hosted throughout its lands.

Turkey has an importance of housing the holy belongings of Islamic Prophet and being the home of the first Christian Communities as well as the Virgin Mary also having a significant value for the Jewish Nations.

One may find the origins of all three Religious s here and witness the magnificent story of faith with our B2B Workshop events followed by Fam Trips.

During our B2B Workshops, you will have an opportunity to meet with the right partners who would cater for all your needs on Holly Lands Tour Packages.

Our Fam Trips cover most historical sites of Islamic Heritage, 7 churches of Christianity to include Virgin Mary House and Saint Paul, one of the early leaders of Christian Churches who devoted himself into the dissemination and expansion of the Christianity and holy sites and synagogues spread around the city with landmarks of Jewish beliefs.

You will see and experience all three major Religious s living side by side in harmony on our B2B WorkShop event and exclusive Fam Trips by 09 March through 15 March, 2020.

While witnessing all religious architect and structures surrounding you first hand, you will get to see how it all has been carried on over the years, you will expand your portfolio promoting religious tour packages.

This FAM Trip is mostly for the agencies preferring to promote Religious Tours, Historical Tours, and Luxury Tours.

We have 3 different Hosted Buyer invitation Categories for this event, including Fully Hosted, Half Hosted and Semi Hosted Buyer programs.

In order to apply for this event, please fill out the form below and answer all the questions accordingly.

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