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We are organizing B2B Workshop in Balkan countries. Our Workshop will be organized in Albania and covering most of the Balkan countries, including Macedonia, Kosova, Bosnia Heregovina, Serbia, Crotia, Montenegro, Romania, and some of European countries will be participating, such as Italy, Austria, Ukrain, Moldova, Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey.

Our Workshop will be held in Albania with the participation of different countries from Balkans and Europe. This will be a great opportunity for the participants who want to enlargen their businesses. Balkan countries are becoming trendy destinations in tourism sector and this can be a great chance to discover the beauties of the Balkans.

Our aim is organizing a Workshop and fam trips in different countries in Balkans to introduce the unique destinations where you can get a chance to discover the beauties in few countries in one time.

Our Hosted Buyer Program

10th of April 2018 – arrival date to Albania and Welcome dinner
11th of April 2018 – B2B Workshop Networking and Triana City Tour and Gala Dinner
12th of April 2018 – Continuation to the selected fam trips which we have offered.

These destinations are historically very important and hosted many civilizations in centruies and where Alexander the Great came from. When you are on these fam trips you will witness the history which is never written, never told and never experienced before.

During our Workshop event and fam trip, you will be enjoyed many different Cultural excursions and Entertainment shows. You will also have a great opportunity to meet with hosted buyer and Exhibitor Professionals from all around the world.

Please be informed that; as we have limited spaces for hosted buyers for this Workshop and Fam Trips, once the limit is full, the registrations will be closed.

Both hosted buyers and also exhibitors will make an appointment on our B2B system. They have the opportunity to choose each other before the events start. This way, both hosted buyers and also exhibitors will be able to prefer the right companies that suit them best. However, even if you can not make an appointment with the company that you want to meet with, you will have a chance to meet them during social events such as dinner, lunch and coffee break times.


  • If not registered before, please fill the registraion form complete information of your company.
  • If you are already registered to our website, please login to your accound and follow the next steps
  • Kindly requested to publish our “Combined Balkan Tours” on your web site.
  • It’s needed to be signed up a agreement to promote and sell our combined tours on your website.
  • It’s kindly requested to complete the symbolical registration fees of the chosen package.
  • Only maximum 2 persons can register from each company.
  • Only the hosted buyers confirmed by the organizer company can join to the Workshop and Fam Trips.

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